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Golden Unicorn

Neighborhood: Chinatown
Price Rating: $15-$30 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 0
Average rating: n/a

18 E Broadway (Map it!)
(At Catherine St.)
New York 10005

(212) 941-0911
FAX: unknown

Geezer Wisdom (blog) says:
...The Golden Unicorn is one of the dim sum emporia most popular with Chinese families getting together for Sunday brunch. Once seated, with tea and chopsticks at hand, patrons are alert to the food carts trundled between the tables. Each cart is loaded with bamboo baskets containing different treats - coconut shrimp, pork and chicken dumplings, steamed clams. Point at what looks good (most of the waitresses don't speak English) and notations are made on the running tab. Eat until full. We had chicken feet, among other things. They were tasty, and we never have to eat them again. We drew the line at duck webbing... (link)

five floor walk-up (blog) says:
...then there's dimsum at golden unicorn. scrumptious! these affairs are getting quite popular now... there'll always be someone sending an email round planning brunch every other weekend. it's a little pricier than other places, but so worth it! again...the wait is extremely painful. we once had to wait for an hour! but then, you get up there and it's siew mai and har gao galore!! chicken feet, which grosses a number of people out but we don't care, and everything yummy! (link)

Freestyle @ Newyork (blog says:
Has pictures. (Text is in Japanese). (link)

Adventures of a Gastronome in Training (blog) says:
...Overall, we thought the food was pretty comparable to Ping's. I saw no real difference in the baked and steamed bbq pork buns, shrimp noodle, or spare-ribs with black beans. The food came fast and frequently - we must have seen some items pass by a dozen times during our meal. On the other hand, we had to wait around to see some variety in what went by. I was impressed with how they cooked the turnip and taro cakes on a portable griddle cart they came to your table hot and silky. The only disappointments were the sesame balls and sticky fried pork dumplings. They were both under-fried and soggy with grease. I'm willing to write this off to a bad batch... (link) says:
Has pictures. (Text is in Japanese). (link)

alykat (photo blog) says:
Has a picture of waitresses with their carts. (link)

Robyn\'s Gallery of Stuff (blog) says:
Has pictures of their food. (link)

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