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Neighborhood: Harlem
Price Rating: $15-$30 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 5.0

2957 Broadway (Map it!)
(At 116th St.)
New York 10025

(212) 932-3300
FAX: unknown

Reviewed 2003-10-24 (Reviewer)
And I for one love it. I've been eating at the Uptown Ollie's location for about 8 years now (yikes), so I've had occasion to try just about everything on the extensive menu. While some of the more 'traditional' (amongst Americans) chinese dishes can be uninspired, one is rewarded for exploring some of the less well-known fare. Amongst the soups, examples include the Dan Dan Noodles, an artery bursting combination of meat paste, peanut sauce, oil, and pepper, as well as the stewed beef soup. But virtually all these enormous soups are delicious.Some of the best entrees include the Chicken with Mango, Pork and Spinach with bean paste, and the Country Style Bean Curd. As an appetizer, consider the heck-hot wontons in hot sesame sauce. Don't be afraid to explore the Chef's specials, as well as the supposedly 'Popular dishes'.I give the service 5 stars simply because they get you your food fast. If you're looking for pleasantry and friendly banter this is not the place to go. Anything more than a prompt concise order is like to earn you at best a look like you come from another planet, and at worse, a curt interruption demanding you place your order.Don't go here for the ambience either; it does seem to be clean as far as I can tell though. The very high turnover helps in sure that you're virtually never served anything less than fresh.P.S. Some dishes really pour on the oil, so consider asking them to use less.

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