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Dim Sum Go Go

Neighborhood: Chinatown
Price Rating: Under $15 per person
Hours: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4.0

5 E Broadway (Map it!)
New York 10002

(212) 732-0797
FAX: (212) 964-3149

Liao Yusheng says:
"...The best [bbq pork buns] in the city are still the ones from Dim Sum Go Go..." [Note: the page is mostly about Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Chinese restaurant '66'.] (link)

A Year In Food (blog) says:
...While the mushroom dumplings were pretty good, Iím not sure if they were worth the wait. Dim Sum has more intriguing vegetarian options that I considered exploring, such as bamboo heart, abbot's delight or snow pea leaf. Or better yet, order a sampler of all ten of their meat and seafood options (including duck and sharkís fin), a sampler of all ten of their vegetarian options or both. From the pictures Iíve seen of these samplers, the different dumplings come with different colored or speckled doughs, making for a handsome platter. Sure itís not something you would get in a ďrealĒ dim sim joint, and sure the purists might balk, but Dim Sum Go Go, stupid name and all, is just as worthy a contender. 7/10 (link)

Reviewed 2003-04-24 (Reviewer)
This restaurant is different from the typical Cantonese dim sum restaurants we're all used to. Instead of dim sum being pushed around in carts, waiters take your orders from a pre-printed form. The red colored ambiance is good and very modern looking. I've had several dinners here and all dishes are presented well. By the way, the dim sum sauce is excellent tasting. Be sure to heap lots of it on your dim sum!

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